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EBD Alert - Wellness Program Guidelines - Details

Posted Date 12/21/2017

EBD Alert – December 21, 2017 
2019 Wellness Program Requirements 

Attached are the requirements for the 2019 ARBenefits wellness program. 

Both employee and covered spouse must complete a biometric screening, and a health assessment by October 31, 2018 in order to qualify for the 2019 incentive. 

Participants can complete their biometric screening through a Catapult Health worksite checkup, or they can have their own physician complete their screening. Those that go to their own physician to complete their screening will need to have their physician complete the Primary Care Provider form. The form will be available at www.ARBenefits.org.  

Biometric screenings must include a screening for nicotine use. Any employee or spouse, who tests positive for nicotine, can still qualify for the 2019 incentive if they enroll in the GuidanceResources® Tobacco Cessation program. 

Members who participate in a checkup through Catapult will also complete their health assessment requirement during their appointment. Those who have their own physician complete their screening will need to complete a health assessment through the ARBenefits Member Portal. The assessment through the Member Portal will be rolled out in early 2018. 

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2019 Wellness Program Requirements 



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