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EASE Employee Alert Emails To Be Based on Rounded Hours

Posted Date: 03/19/2019

Beginning March 21, 2019, EASE email alert notifications will use rounded time/leave values instead of actual time/leave values.

EASE email notifications are generated to alert employees when their total time/leave entries are less than their scheduled work week hours (40 for most employees).

Before this change, email alerts were sent if daily time pairs totaled less than 8 hrs (e.g. 16:00 - 23:59 = 7.98) based on total hours for the week (e.g. 7.98 X 5 = 39.90). With this change, the time pairs will round (according to the State’s 7/8 rounding rule) to 8 hours each day (totaling 40 hours) and the alert will not be generated.

The Employee Summary displayed in the manager's My Inbox notification will also show the rounded values.