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Lockdown Lifted: Compensation Eligibility Override Records

Posted Date: 03/15/2019

Agency HR personnel can now mark an employee ineligible to receive a performance increase in Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20).

The last date to create Compensation Eligibility Override (Infotype 0760 or IT0760) records is based on the date Compensation is run for FY20. This date will be communicated at a later time.

Please keep the following in mind when creating IT0760 records beginning March 15, 2019:

  1. An IT0760 record should only be created for those who are not eligible to receive a performance evaluation increase.
  1. Upon selecting ‘Create,’ the radio button 'EE is not Eligible’ is automatically selected.
  1. The 'Compensation Plan' field is the only field that has to be manually populated before saving the record.
  1. Validity dates for the infotype record default to the fiscal year that the employee is ineligible for compensation and cannot be modified.

Use the Compensation Ineligibility Report (Transaction Code ZPGC_INELIG_RPT) to monitor these records. This report must be run by appraisal year but can also be run by Business Area, Employee Personnel Number, Personnel Area, Cost Center, Organizational Unit, and Employment Status.