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NEW EASE Employee Time Statement Now Available

Posted Date: 04/22/2020

A new EASE Time Statement Tile has been added to the EASE Home Page. The Time Statement Tile provides summary and detail information about the employees’ time and leave entries in one location.

Note: This tile is only available to employees’ who currently use EASE to submit time/leave entries.

To assist managers with monitoring employee time entries, the Employee Time Statements Tile has also been added to the Manager Self Service section of the EASE Home Page. This tile displays employee time statements for managers, supervisors, delegates and alternates, who approve time and leave.

Note: The employees displayed in the Employee Time Statements Tile are based on the agency’s organizational structure and does not apply to Substitutes.

Time Statement Features

Click the Time Statement Tile and the following information displays:

  • The statement date defaults to the current pay period which is highlighted in blue.
  • Previous pay period dates can also be selected by using the pay period listing. Future pay period dates are not available.
  • Once a pay period is selected, an overview of approved, unapproved, and total hours displays. This information is located to the right of the pay period selection.
  • The statement details are listed under the overview. Refer to this section to view  daily time/leave entries for the selected pay period dates.   
        - Attendance and leave entries are listed for non-exempt and exempt employees who also submit attendance.
        - Attendance hours are also listed for exempt employees who only enter leave. The attendance hours display in Total Hrs column instead of the Att/abs column.

                The displayed attendance hours are based on the exempt employee’s work schedule. If leave was taken for a partial day, the attendance is reduced by the leave hours.

  • Days with more than one entry display as Multiple under the Att/Abs column. Click Show Details to view all individual entries. Click Hide Details to close the expanded details display.
  • For managers, the Employee Time Statements are formatted similarly to the time statement. The Employee column lists the employees by name and personnel number. The Select Pay Period dropdown is located at the top of the screen and the employee details for the specified pay period display in the Show Details portion of the statement.

When reviewing multiple employee entries for the same pay period dates, it is necessary to select the pay period for each employee.