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New Report: Performance Evaluation (PE) Final Ratings and Compensation

Posted Date: 03/22/2019

A new report, PE Final Ratings and Compensation (Transaction Code ZPGC_COMP_RPT), is now available.

This report can be used prior to the compensation run to verify employee ratings. It can then be used after compensation has run to view employee salary amounts (see below). 

The report can be run for Active, Inactive, or All Employees. It also reflects if an employee has a Compensation Eligibility Override record (Infotype 0760) for the performance increase period. 

The report output includes:

  • Personnel Number
  • Name of Appraisee
  • Name of Appraiser
  • Rating for Current Rating Period
  • Percentage of Increase
  • Annual Rate Prior to Increase
  • New Annual Rate
  • Amount of Increase on the Basic Pay Record (Infotype 0008)
  • Amount of Increase on the Additional One Time Payment Record (Infotype 00015)
  • Total Compensation Amount
  • Eligibility/Ineligibility Notation

Refer to the job aid PGCS - PE Final Ratings and Compensation for additional information.