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Procurement - Agency Tips for Fiscal Year End Closing

Posted Date: 04/30/2021

Review the Agency Procurement Fiscal Year-End Job Aids (listed below) for instructions on cleaning up all open commitments.

CRITICAL TRANSACTIONS used for year-end clean-up:

  • ZOPENREQ – List of open Purchase Requisitions (PRs)
  • MB5S – Display list of GR/IR balances
  • ME32K – Block or delete Outline Agreement (OA) lines; change OA validity end date
  • ZPO_OPEN_INV – List of Purchase Orders (POs) with open invoices
  • ZPO_PARTGR_IR – PO partially received and/or invoiced
  • ME52N – Close or delete PR
  • ME22N – Close PO
  • ME2K – Purchasing Documents per Account Assignment
  • ME5K – List Display of PRs

Additional instructions for year-end clean-up of OAs:

  • OAs must be output in ME9K.
  • OAs with outstanding POs must have validity dates opened in order to close those POs and then the validity dates changed back. If an OA has a validity date past 6/30/2021, it will show on the Transparency website. Change OAs via ME32K.
  • For assistance with statewide contracts, call the Office of State Procurement buyer.

Agency Year End Carry Forward Exclusions

Agency Year End Checklist

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