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Procurement - Agency Tips for Fiscal Year End Closing

Posted Date: 06/23/2022

Clarification: Agency Procurement Processes Following Fiscal Year End Closing

Once Fiscal Year End has been completed, and AASIS is made available to agencies on 07/05/2022, all procurement processes will continue as they are currently defined. This means agencies will continue entering procurement documents in AASIS per established business processes and agency roles for Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders and Outline Agreements will remain unchanged until further notice.

Procurement - Agency Tips for Fiscal Year End Closing

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to Recent Timeline Changes, Fiscal Year End will not be impacted by the ARBuy implementation.

Review the Agency Procurement Fiscal Year-End Job Aids (listed below) for instructions on cleaning up all open commitments for this year’s efforts.

CRITICAL TRANSACTIONS used for year-end clean-up:

  • ZOPENREQ – List of open Purchase Requisitions (PRs)
  • MB5S – Display list of GR/IR balances
  • ME32K – Block or delete Outline Agreement (OA) lines; change OA validity end date
  • ZPO_OPEN_INV – List of Purchase Orders (POs) with open invoices
  • ZPO_PARTGR_IR – PO partially received and/or invoiced
  • ME52N – Close or delete PR
  • ME22N – Close PO
  • ME2K – Purchasing Documents per Account Assignment
  • ME5K – List Display of PRs

Additional instructions for year-end clean-up of OAs:

  • OAs must be output in ME9K.
  • OAs with outstanding POs must have validity dates opened in order to close those POs and then the validity dates changed back. If an OA has a validity date past 6/30/2021, it will show on the Transparency website. Change OAs via ME32K.
  • For assistance with statewide contracts, call the Office of State Procurement buyer.

Agency Year End Carry Forward Exclusions

Agency Year End Checklist

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