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Procurement – Outline Agreements Can Now be Shared among Agencies/Divisions within the Same Cabinet Department

Posted Date: 11/10/2021

Agencies or Divisions may now issue Purchase Orders in reference to Outline Agreements created by their cabinet department or any agency or division within that cabinet department. Departments and their subordinate divisions are identified by the purchasing organization code assigned to each of them. 

Previously, only those POs with the same purchasing organization designation as the one indicated on the Outline Agreement could be released in reference to the OA. Now, OAs displaying any purchasing organization within a cabinet department may be adopted to POs from any of the purchasing orgs within that same department. 

Appropriation and funding remain associated with the individual business areas and purchasing organizations who create the Purchase Order. This will allow for department-wide contracts to be established and the subsequent spending across all the purchasing organizations within the department to be captured under those contracts.