Municipalities and Counties

Municipalities and Counties forms, guidance, instructions, portals, and links:


Title Posted
Cares Act Exec Certification                             10/08/2020
CRF Funding Agreement 10/08/2020


Title Posted
Introduction to CRF _2020.09.20 FINAL V1.0 10/08/2020
CRF Guidance 10/08/2020
U.S. Treasury Guidance 10/08/2020
Office of Inspector General 10/08/2020
Treasury OIG Guidance 10/09/2020
Treasury FAQ 10/09/2020
Payroll Guidance 10/20/2020


Title Posted
DFA Portal FAQ                                             10/08/2020
CTC How To - Subagreement and Certification 10/14/2020
CTC Application Portal - Payroll Submission Template 10/22/2020