Letter from the Director

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These Regulations, having been promulgated by the Director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division and adopted by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, shall have full force and effect, until they are amended or legislatively repealed.  All previous ABC Regulations are hereby superseded and repealed insofar as they may be different from or inconsistent  with those contained herein.

It is intended by the ABC that these Regulations are severable; therefore if any of them, or any parts thereof, shall be declared invalid, all other unaffected Regulations shall maintain full force and effect.

An unofficial map, designating the wet and dry areas in the State of Arkansas through the results of the General Election of November 04, 2014, is contained on the following page.  At the back of the book, we have included the fine schedules, as provided by law, for violations of Regulations contained herein.


Bud Roberts, Director
Alcoholic Beverage Control Division
March 01, 2015 

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