Title 2, Subtitle F | Credit by Manufacturers or Wholesalers

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Section 2.29 Sales by Wholesaler to Retailer for Cash or Check Only.
No person holding a wholesale permit under any alcoholic beverage control law of the State of Arkansas shall sell or offer to sell or deliver any controlled beverages to any person holding a retail permit except for cash or check, to be paid at the time of delivery. (Amended 12-17-80) 

Section 2.30 Delivery of Controlled Beverages Must be Pursuant to Invoice. 
Each delivery of controlled beverages by a wholesaler shall be accompanied by an invoice of sale bearing the name of the retailer together with a full description of the controlled beverages delivered, the price and terms of sale and the place and date of actual delivery. One (1) copy of such invoice shall be signed by the retailer or his agent, showing receipt of the merchandise and shall be retained by the wholesaler. Another copy shall be retained by the retailer. The wholesaler and retailer shall maintain a file of such copies for a period of three (3) years following the date of delivery. 

Section 2.31 Time Within Which Checks to be Deposited; Post-Dated Checks Prohibited; Insufficient Funds Checks.
All checks given in payment for controlled beverages by a retailer to a wholesaler shall be deposited for payment by the wholesaler not later than the second banking day after the receipt of such check by the wholesaler.  The failure of the wholesaler to deposit any such check for payment by the end of said banking day after receipt thereof shall be deemed a voluntary extension of credit by said wholesaler to the retailer and in violation of these Regulations.  No wholesaler shall accept from any retailer a post-dated check.

Any retail permittee or private club permittee who has paid for alcoholic beverages purchased from any wholesaler with an insufficient funds check may be deemed delinquent.  

Each wholesaler may report all delinquencies to the Administrator of the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control in writing, including by electronic mail or facsimile transmission, within two (2) business days after such delinquencies occur.  Such reports shall set forth the name, business address, and permit number of the permittee in default, the date of sale and delivery of such alcoholic beverages on account of which report is made, the amount of such delinquency, and the name, business address and permit number of the reporting wholesaler.  

After receiving such delinquency report the Administrator shall notify all wholesalers by publishing a delinquent list which specifies an effective date for the list, and after said effective date no sales or deliveries of alcoholic beverages shall be made to any retail permittee or private club permittee whose name appears upon said delinquent list until such time as a notice of removal from such list has been given by the Administrator.  After receiving notice of the delinquent list on which their name appears, no retail permittee or private club permittee may purchase or accept delivery of any alcoholic beverages from any wholesaler until the Administrator has given notice of removal from such list.  After the effective date of the delinquent list, any retail permittee or private club permittee whose name appears on such list must pay the delinquency by cash, US Postal money order, postal note, express money order, cashier’s check, certified check or bank exchange.  Within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of full payment the wholesaler shall report to the Administrator that payment in full has been made of any account previously reported delinquent.  
(Amended 8-19-09)

If a retail permittee or private club permittee contends that he or she  has been placed on the delinquent list as the result of a dispute involving the quality or quantity of the alcoholic beverages, or any other factor involved in the sale of or purchase of same, the wholesaler, retail permittee or private club permittee may file a statement in writing setting forth in detail any reason why a delinquency should or should not be deemed to exist.  The Administrator shall thereupon determine whether the retailer shall be removed from the delinquent list.  
(Amended 8-19-09)

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