Title 3, Subtitle A | Scope

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Section 3.1 – General 
The Regulations under this Title apply to all permits issued by the authority of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division of the State of Arkansas to sell controlled beverages at retail. These Regulations should be regarded as being supplementary to, and not in replacement of, the code provisions of this State relating to the matters covered by this Title. In addition to these Regulations, other Regulations applicable to the matters covered by this Title may be found under Title 1 of these Regulations, under Title 4 of these Regulations in regard to hotel and motel, and restaurant permits, and under Title 2 of these Regulations in regard to the transportation of native Arkansas beverages and small farm wines as defined within these regulations. (Amended 8-15-07) 

Section 3.2 Regulations Applicable to Wine Restaurant On Premises Permit.
In addition to the Regulations under Title 1, the Regulations under this Title shall be specifically applicable and shall govern activities and conduct under a Wine Restaurant On Premises Permit as defined under Article 1 of Title 1. 

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