Title 3, Subtitle C | Conduct of Business of Selling Controlled Beverages at Retail

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Section 3.7 Retailer to Purchase Only From Permitted Wholesaler.
Persons holding a permit to sell controlled beverages at retail shall purchase such beverages allowed by the permit only from persons holding a permit to sell beverages at wholesale. 

Section 3.8 Retailer to Sell Only to Consumer; Exceptions.
Persons holding a permit to sell controlled beverages at retail shall sell such controlled beverages to consumers only. Provided, that retailers who have been designated by the Director as a private club distributor under Title 5 of these Regulations may sell to persons holding a private club permit in accordance with the Regulations under Title 5. In addition, any retailer who has for any reason ceased to conduct business under the permit may, upon approval of the Director as provided by these Regulations, dispose of the stock of controlled beverages to another retailer or to any other person permitted under these Regulations or any alcoholic beverage control law of the State of Arkansas to purchase or receive such controlled beverages. 

Section 3.9 Types of Sales Authorized for On Premises Permit.
Any person holding a permit to sell any controlled beverages for consumption on the premises must sell such controlled beverages from the original container. 

Section 3.10 Dispensing Faucet for Draught Beer Must be Labeled.
Every faucet or other dispensing apparatus from which draught beer is dispensed must be equipped with a sign clearly indicating the name or the brand of the particular product being dispensed at any time through the faucet or other apparatus. Such sign shall be in legible lettering and in full view of the purchaser. 

Section 3.11 Controlled Beverages to be Sold in Original Bottle or Package and to be Labeled.
All controlled beverages shall be sold or offered for sale in the original bottle or original package containing bottles bearing the original label and the full name of the manufacturer thereof, both upon the label, upon the bottle and upon the cap or cork of the bottle. All sales of draught beer shall be made from the original container or barrel which shall have stamped upon the ends thereof the full name of the manufacturer of the beer therein contained. 

Section 3.12 Retailers to Keep and Maintain Certain Records.
Each person holding a permit to sell controlled beverages at retail shall maintain written records of all controlled beverages purchased by or for the permittee or delivered to the permitted premises and of all sales of controlled beverages under the permit. Such records shall be maintained in a manner consistent with standard business bookkeeping practices. Such records shall be maintained by the permittee for a period of three (3) years and such records shall be open for inspection upon reasonable notice by any authorized agent of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement Division or any other duly authorized law enforcement officer or State Revenue Department employee. (Amended 8-19-93) 

Section 3.13 Sales of Controlled Beverages Under Off Premises Permit to be From Unbroken Packages and Containers Only. 
All sales of controlled beverages pursuant to a permit to sell controlled beverages for consumption off premises shall be in unbroken packages or containers which shall not be opened or the contents or any part consumed on the premises where purchased. 

Section 3.14 Sales of Malt Beverages for Consumption Off Premises to be in Containers of Certain Combinations and Size. Repealed 12-18-82 

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