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Insufficient Funds List

In accordance with ACA 3-4-406 the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division is authorized to maintain a list of retailers who have paid invoices forwarded by wholesalers with an insufficient funds check.  Under the code provision and the regulation the ABCD will now maintain such a list which will reflect those deficient payments as reported by the wholesalers.

The report must be submitted in writing, either by email (judy.chwalinski@dfa.arkansas.gov) or fax (501-682-2221).

Under Reg. 2.31, no sales or deliveries may be made by any wholesaler to a retailer whose name appears on the list.  Once payment in full has been made by the delinquent retailer to the reporting wholesaler, the reporting wholesaler is to notify the ABCD within twenty-four (24) hours that payment has been made.  Under the regulation, the retailer may file an objection to their name being placed on the list for the reasons listed in the regulation.

Business County Permit # Holder Date Amount
Ninth Street Package Miller 02392 Brandi C. Robinson 4/05/2019 2,330.35
7-11 Liquor Drive-In Jefferson 02938 Pritpal Singh 4/05/2019 15,491.94
The Cactus Club Sabastian 03242 Janis McKinney 4/05/2019 525.44
AA Gondal Inc. Miller 02447 Aqeel H. Gondal 3/20/2019 302.98
WORLD EVENT CENTER Benton 6387 LAURA A MORAN 1/25/2019 317.40
Legacy Grill Sebastian 05024 Khris Kendall 8/24/2018 932.91
BILAL INCORPORATION Phillips 04173 BILAL K. ALAWDI 6/26/2018 155.00
CAFÉ FIVE ELEVEN Miller 04002 ADRIN D. DANSBY 7/13/2018 114.82