Closing a Case

How do I close my case with OCSE?

If you no longer want OCSE to enforce and manage your case, you may send a signed letter to the local office handling your case requesting that your case be closed. Please include your case number on the request. When you close your case, the case will become a non-enforcement case in the OCSE system and OCSE will no longer take any action in enforcing or managing the case. However, payments are required by state law to continue being processed through the Arkansas Child Support Clearinghouse.

If I close my case with OCSE, am I entitled to any services?

The Arkansas Child Support Clearinghouse will provide the following services only in a non-enforcement case:

  • Post and disburse payments received by the Clearinghouse; 
  • Change your mailing address if requested in writing; 
  • Assist you if a check payable to you and issued by the Clearinghouse is lost or stolen; and 
  • Provide payment information upon your request.