Insurance Verification

Insurance Verification
The purpose of the Insurance Verification Program is to verify that all owners of motor vehicles registered in Arkansas maintain liability insurance as required by law.

The purpose of this manual is to provide insurance carriers with the information they need to comply with the Arkansas Insurance Verification and Notification Network. The success of the program is dependent on the participation of all insurance carriers issuing automobile liability insurance in Arkansas. Contact Insurance Verification at 501-682-7932.

Not Insured Status From Insurance Company
The "not insured" status is indicated only if the insurance carrier has not reported your insurance policy or has sent a cancellation of that vehicle policy. There may also be an error in the information provided, which must be corrected before reporting. Contact your insurance carrier for clarification.

If you need more information about Insurance Verification, please call 501-682-7932.


Title Posted
Application 01/08/2010
Reporting Forms 01/08/2010