Legislative Changes for 2021




ACT 58 HB1059 Special Courts
ACT 274 HB1062  Look Back DWI and BWI 10 Years
ACT 94 HB1211  Religious Protection
ACT 257 HB1244 No Photo Religious
ACT 623 HB1429 Home School  Wait Period for DL
ACT 558 HB1505 Leave the Scene
ACT 500 HB1511 Victim Impact Panel Attendance
ACT 587 HB1516 Transport person to sobering center
ACT 753 HB1846 CDL 4-5 Years
ACT 1082 HB1943 Felony/Misdemeanor
ACT 754  HB1842 MV at Railroad Crossing
ACT 908 SB 606 DL Permit 2 years
ACT 1061 SB 247 Racing a Vehicle on Public Highway
ACT 630 SB218 Background Checks
ACT 160 SB245 CDL Driver Felony for Trafficking
ACT 1049 SB513 FTA Drivers License
ACT 913 SB552 Confidentuality P O Box
ACT 910 SB574  Liability Insurance/Self Insured
ACT 1035 SB668 Failure to remain at the scene
ACT 1037 SB685 DUI Boating