Restricted CDL

Restricted CDL holders are limited to operating Group B and C vehicles, as described in subpart F of this part.

Restricted CDLs shall not be issued with any endorsements on the license document.

Restricted CDL holders may not hold an unrestricted CDL at the same time.

Restricted CDL holders may not operate a commercial motor vehicle beyond 150 miles from the place of business or the farm currently being served.

Restricted CDLs shall have the same renewal cycle as unrestricted CDL’s but shall be limited to the seasonal period or periods, provided that the total number of calendar days in any 12-month period for which the restricted CDL is valid does not exceed 180. The restricted CDL is valid for commercial motor vehicle operation only during the currently approved season and must be revalidated for each successive season. Only one seasonal period of validity may appear on the license document at a time. The good driving record must be confirmed prior to any renewal or revalidation.

Restricted CDL holders may not drive vehicles carrying any placardable quantities of hazardous materials, except for diesel fuel in quantities of 1,000 gallons or less; liquid fertilizers (i.e., plant nutrients) in vehicles or implements of husbandry in total quantities of 3,000 gallons or less; and solid fertilizers (i.e., solid plant nutrients) that are not transported with any organic substance.