Top Ten Violations

Date From: 01/01/2020             Date To: 03/31/2020

ACD Code Description Count
S92 S92 - Speeding (detail MPH/lmt) 19,154
B26 B26 - Driving while license suspended 8,135
D36 D36- Failure to maintain liability insurance 6,065
B51 B51 - Expired and/or no license 4,625
F04 F04- Seatbelt not used 4,152
B74 B74-  Fail to show proof ins 3,212
M81 M81 - Careless and/or improper driving 2,849
S93 S93-  Speeding 2,267
A21 A21- DUI of Alcohol 2,202
A11 A11- DUI w/BAC>=____(dtl req) 1,591
  Total Convictions: 54,252