Licensing and Renewal FAQ

Please see the User Guide for instructions on the system.


I never received my verification email to verify my account
To resend your verification email, click Register and scroll to the bottom of the Create An Account box to select “If you didn’t receive your verification email, please click here.""You will be directed to enter the email address used during the registration process.Please ensure there are no extra spaces when entering your email address. If you continue not to receive the email, please check your spam and junk folder.

I do not see my application when logging into my account
When logging into your account, the License Dashboard is listed first. Click on Applications in the left menu to resume working on your application or view submitted applications.

I would like to update my contact and/or personal information but I've already submitted my application
Contact the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission at to request changes to your submitted application.

I would like to see the status of my application
You can check your application status online through the NIC Licensing System. When reviewing your application, you will see a column labeled Status where the current status of your application will be listed.

I would like to cancel my application and receive a refund
Please contact the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission at for your request.

I am having a technical issue uploading my documents or receiving an error while uploading them

  • I have a hard copy of my document, how can I upload it?
    • One of the easiest ways to convert a physical (hard copy) document into an electronic (soft copy) document is to use a scanner. However, if you do not have a scanner available, then taking a picture of the document and emailing or downloading it to your computer will also work.
  • Can I upload a zip file?
    • No. Zip or similar file compression formats are not accepted. Check below on how to reduce your file size.
  • What can I do if my file is more than 10 MB? 25MB
    • Do not compress the files using zip or similar file compression format.
    • To reduce the file size of an image:
    • Adjust the Quality (0% to 100%) of the image when selecting “Save As”. Be sure to review the image to ensure it is readable before you upload it to your application.
    • To reduce the file size of scanned documents:
    • Scan the document at a lower resolution (200 dpi is suitable for text documents)
    • Do not choose to scan in full color, opt for greyscale or black and white for text documents.
  • I received an error when trying to upload my file(s).
    • Please make sure that your document is within the size limit of 10MB 25MB
    • Also check to make sure that your file name does not contain any special characters other than the period before the file type as other special characters or symbols could prevent the system from being able to upload your document.
    • If you are still unable to upload your document, please try renaming the file with a shorter file name.
    • Lastly, if you are unable to upload your document after following the above steps, your document/file may be corrupted or have an error. Please make a new copy/scan of the document to upload.
    • If you have already tried all of the above steps and are still receiving errors uploading your documents, please contact our Technical Support team.
    • I received an error while processing my payment

I received an error while processing my payment
Open a Support Request

I need to apply for/renew my AR Medical Marijuana license
Please visit the Medical Marijuana Licensing portal

I have forgotten the email address that I originally registered with
Open a Support Request

I would like to renew my license
To renew your license, please complete a Renewal Application through the NIC Licensing System.

My application was rejected. How do I fix it?
To correct your application, login to the NIC Licensing System, go to the Applications menu on the left hand side, and select the application you would like to edit.
You will need to resubmit your application after you have edited it in order for it to be reviewed.

I entered my birthday or SSN incorrectly and need to fix it.
Open a Support Request

I'm having trouble with the online system
Open a Support Request