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ABC temporary rule change allows for outdoor service

  • Posted Date: 05/13/2020
  • Office: Alcoholic Beverage Control, All DFA
  • News:

    Temporary Outdoor Permit Expansions:
    Outdoor service area may be established on a temporary basis during which time the COVID19 Emergency declaration is in place and restaurant in-door seating is restricted per the Arkansas Department of Health Directives.  Requests must be made in writing and contain a drawing of the outdoor service area sought to be under the temporary expansion along with approval from city or county officials.  Such outdoor service area shall be clearly defined by temporary fences, walls or barriers that will constitute a recognized boundary and contain posting with a 5” X 7” sign, at locations to be determined by the Director or Board, stating “NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES BEYOND THIS POINT”.  All Alcoholic Beverage Control rules governing outdoor service areas, not explicitly addressed herein, shall remain in effect as well as all Arkansas Department of Health Directives.