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Criminal Detention Facilities Review Committees

  • Posted Date: 09/08/2020
  • Office: All DFA, Criminal Detention
  • News:

    As authorized by the Governor’s Executive Order 20-06 <https://governor.arkansas.gov/images/uploads/executiveOrders/EO_20-06._.pdf> , Order 20-16,  <https://governor.arkansas.gov/images/uploads/executiveOrders/EO_20-16._.pdf> and Order 20-45 <https://governor.arkansas.gov/images/uploads/executiveOrders/EO_20-45.pdf>  regarding the public health emergency concerning COVID-19, and power delegated to the Governor by Arkansas Code Annotated § 12-75-114, the following rules, regulations, and statutes are identified as preventing, hindering, or delaying the Department of Corrections ability to render maximum assistance to the citizens of this state and are hereby suspended for the duration of the declared public health emergency, unless otherwise stated:
    A.C.A. § 12-26-106 Powers and Duties of a Criminal Detention Facility Review Committee
    ·       Section (2) regarding the requirement that a review committee visit the criminal detention facilities and juvenile detention facilities in order to conduct inspections to determine compliance with the standards established under § 12-26-103.
    A.C.A. § 12-27-107 Inspection of Facility - Report
    ·       Section (a) requiring each review committee conduct an annual visit of each criminal detention facility and juvenile detention facility for inspection purposes.