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EBD Alert - Online Health Assessment

  • Posted Date: 03/09/2018
  • Office: ARBenefits
  • News:

    EBD Alert – February 22, 2018 
    Online Health Assessment Now Available

    The online health assessment through the ARBenefits Member Portal is now available for members to complete. Completion of a health assessment is one of the requirements of the ARBenefitsWell program.

    The online health assessment only needs to be completed by covered employees, and covered spouses who do not participate in a checkup through Catapult Health.

    To access the assessment, members must log into their ARBenefits Member Portal account at www.ARBenefits.org and follow the instructions below. Covered spouses must log into their own ARBenefits account to complete their assessment. 

    • Scroll down in the Home tab to the ARBenefits box.
    • Click the GuidanceResources® link on the right side of the box to automatically access your GuidanceResources.com account.
    •  Inside your GuidanceResources® account, click the Health Assessment link on the left hand side, or the notification in the middle of the page. 

    The assessment must be completed by going through the ARBenefits portal. If you complete an online health assessment by going directly to www.GuidanceResources.com, it will not count towards the wellness requirements. 

    Online health assessments must be completed by 10/31/18. Any health assessments you previously completed will no longer be in the GuidanceResources® system, but those completed after 10/31/17 will receive credit for completion.

    Members who need assistance logging into their ARBenefits account can contact EBD at 1-877-815-1017x1, or by e-mail at AskEBD@dfa.arkansas.gov.

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