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DFA Suspends Requirement to Show Proof of Assessment and Property Tax Paid for Vehicle Registration and Renewal

  • Posted Date: 04/17/2020
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    EXECUTIVE ORDERS (EO) 20-06 AND 20-16

    Pursuant to the authority under Governor Asa Hutchinson’s March 17, 2020 Executive Order 20-06 and April 13, 2020 Executive Order 20-16, the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration has identified provisions of regulatory statutes stated below that prevent, hinder, or delay DFA’s ability to render maximum assistance to the citizens of Arkansas while adhering to guidelines to prohibit the spread of disease or seeking assistance from the state to obtain benefits or services related to health, education, employment, or any service rendered by the State in response to or to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The identified statutes below are suspended until the COVID-19 emergency subsides.


    Ark. Code Ann. § 27-14-1015 and Act 465 of 1967, § 17 – Proof of Property Tax Assessment and Payment of Tax for Motor Vehicle Registration

    • Ark. Code Ann. § 27-14-1015 and Act 465 of 1967, § 17 require that for DFA to register a motor vehicle or to renew a motor vehicle registration, a person must present proof of an assessment from the county assessor where the property will be located and proof that personal property taxes have been paid. Under EO 20-06 and EO 20-16, DFA has suspended until the COVID-19 emergency subsides the requirement under Ark. Code Ann. § 27-14-1015 and Act 465 of 1967, § 17 that a person provide proof of property tax assessment and payment of tax due for purposes of motor vehicle registration and renewal of registration.
    • This notice does not suspend any statute, rule, or law requiring a person to assess their personal property or pay any property tax due. This notice also does not suspend any statute, rule, or law requiring payment of sales or use tax (including accrued penalties and interest on tax owed) on a vehicle purchase or payment of any registration fee or other fee.
    • New motor vehicle registrations and renewals of registrations may be completed online at https://mydmv.arkansas.gov/. Renewal of registration is also available by phone by contacting DFA at 1-800-941-2580.