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Reminder of filing deadline along with tips

  • Posted Date: 04/15/2024
  • Office: All DFA
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    The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) reminds Arkansans the deadline to file a state tax return is April 15. Returns must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. on the 15th while hard copies must be stamped and in the mail by the 15th.  Both state and federal filing opened January 29 this year. Since that time, DFA has processed more than a million (1,002,629) individual tax returns. At the same time last year, DFA processed 974,259 individual returns.

    From the 1,002,629 returns processed so far this year, approximately 602,000 refunds have been issued to taxpayers.

    Filing online remains the most popular way to file in 2024. From the 1,002,629 returns processed, 962,322 were filed online while 40,307 were hard copies mailed to DFA.


    • Be sure your tax return is filled out in its entirety and double check the math.  Sign the return if you are submitting a paper return.
    • Include all corresponding schedules including proof of withholding documents (W2, W2-G, 1099-R, K-1, 1099-PT).
    • If you are filing for a refund and want it to be direct deposited, ensure the bank routing number and account number are correct.
    • If you file a Federal Extension, a State Extension is not needed.  However, you must check the Extension box on your Arkansas return.  Remember this is only a filing extension; it is not an extension to pay.  Payments are still required by April 15th.
    • While we still accept checks as a form of payment, we encourage electronic payments.  This may be done through our Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point (ATAP) website at www.atap.arkansas.gov.  You may also check the status of your refund through the ATAP portal.
    • If you are paying by check or money order, include your name, SSN or Account ID on the memo line, & your current mailing address.  Be sure to include a return payment voucher with the same information.  DO NOT MAIL CASH!
    • Refund timeframes vary depending on the method of filing and the deposit method.  Generally, e-filed returns take 4-5 weeks and paper returns take 6-8 weeks.  Additionally, paper checks typically take longer to reach you than direct deposits.
    • Always use your mailing address on your return if it is different from your physical address.  This will affect all mail from our office, including your refund.
    • If you discover your tax information has been compromised, contact the DFA and IRS immediately.
    • Filing of duplicate returns may result in longer wait times on your refund.