Driver Services

The Office of Driver Services consists of seven sections that are responsible for the administration and enforcement of state laws and regulations concerning driver’s license and identification cards.  
Complete the general correspondence form for compliments, complaints, or general correspondence with the Office of Driver Services.
Manages the state’s driver’s license and identification card program. Provides administrative oversight and direction for the Office of Driver Services.
Issues driver’s license and identification cards to qualified individuals. Assists customers, revenue offices and law enforcement with general licensing queries and system support.
Phone:      (501) 682-7059                           Fax:           (501) 682-7934                             Email:
CDL Help Desk
Assists the public, commercial drivers, and revenue offices with commercial licensing queries. Ensures that commercial license holders meet State and Federal Regulations. Maintains the medical certification database.
Phone:      (501) 682-1400                           Fax:           (501) 683-3530                             Email:
Safety Responsibility
Maintains motor vehicle accident reporting, financial responsibility compliance, and suspension of driver’s license or vehicle registrations for failure to comply with financial responsibility laws.
Phone:       (501) 682-7100                         Fax:            (501) 682-2100                             Email:
Driving Records
Maintains records of traffic violations and accidents for each licensed driver. Keys convictions on records. Assists courts and the public with driving records inquiries.
Phone:       (501) 683-0984                         Fax:            (501) 682-2075                             Email:
Driver Control
Oversees the suspension and reinstatement of driving privileges for individuals with DUI’s, DWI’s, excessive traffic violations, or who are subject to court orders affecting their driving privileges.
Phone:       (501) 682-1631                         Fax:           (501) 682-7109                              Email:
Facial Recognition
Examines records and corrects errors. Researches and assists with fraud and identity theft investigations.