Dispute Resolution

All grievance packets must be mailed to the following location:

Dispute Resolution Coordinator
1509 W. 7th Street, Room 200
Little Rock, AR 72201

For all grievance questions, please call 501-682-5350 
or email OPM.Disputeresolution@dfa.arkansas.gov.
All grievance hearings are held at the following location:

One Union National Plaza
124 W. Capitol Avenue, 10th floor
Little Rock, AR 72201

For directions to One Union National Plaza, please call 501-682-1846.  

Training Courses
Grievance Officer Certification 
Duration: 1 day

The Grievance Officer is the person designated by the state agency as having the responsibility for acting as the liaison, coordinator, and facilitator between the employee (grievant), the state agency and OPM.  This course is designed specifically for those employees chosen to serve as Grievance Officers and provides an in depth explanation regarding the role and responsibility of serving as a Grievance Officer.  All Grievance Officers must attend this course before handling a grievance case.    

State Employee Grievance Appeal Panel Orientation 
Duration: ½ day

The State Employee Grievance Appeal Panel (“SEGAP”) is an impartial appeal panel established with the authority to issue final determinations on grievability matters and to conduct appeal hearings to review the facts of a case and issue a binding decision.  This course is designed specifically for those employees chosen to serve as members of SEGAP.  All SEGAP members must attend orientation and observe at least 2 appeal hearings before serving at an appeal hearing.

Hearing Officer Training 
Duration: ½ day

The Hearing Officer or Officers is an impartial person or committee appointed by the state agency to conduct the Administrative Review Hearing and make a recommendation for resolution to the state agency Director.  Hearing Officers are employees of the agency that is a party to the grievance.  An employee designated as a Hearing Officer is encouraged to attend this course before serving as a Hearing Officer. 

All questions about these courses should be sent to OPM.Disputeresolution@dfa.arkansas.gov

Title Posted
Administrative Record Tracking 09/21/2018
Agreement to Mediate 08/25/2014
Agreement to Mediate – Appeal 08/25/2014
Dispute Resolution – Appeal Form 09/21/2018
Dispute Resolution Appeal Rules 06/30/2014
Dispute Resolution Form 10/30/2018
Mediation Non-Settlement 06/30/2014
Mediation Non-Settlement – Appeal 06/30/2014
Mediation Settlement Agreement 06/30/2014
Reply to Employee Grievance Step 1 10/30/2018
Reply to Employee Grievance Step 2 10/30/2018
Reply to Employee Grievance Step 3 10/30/2018
SEGAP Hearing Witness List 09/21/2018
Transmittal for Grievance Determination 09/21/2018
Mediation Information Sheet 07/20/2018