Employee Suggestion System

Because you are an Arkansas State employee, you know state government in a special way. Perhaps you have an idea to make Arkansas State Government more efficient and more productive. With the Arkansas Employee Suggestion System you have a chance to get recognition for your creativity and your involvement. 

Up to $5,000 in Cash Awards is given for suggestions that provide tangible monetary savings. Awards are paid in an amount equal to 10% of the first year’s estimated net cost savings. There is a maximum award possible for tangible savings of $5,000 and a Certificate of Recognition. 
Certificates are given for suggestions providing intangible benefits such as more efficient procedures and forms and improved employee morale, employee health or safety. Awards for intangible savings range from a Certificate of Recognition to $100.

How to Get Started
Read the following documents and download the Suggestion form. The form must be completed in its entirety or it will be returned to the sender. If you have any questions, please contact Research and Technical Services by calling 501-682-1823 or by eMail.

Instructions to the Suggestor

How to Develop Your Suggestion

Evaluator's Handbook