Employee Suggestion System | How to Develop Your Suggestion

Step 1:  Choose a Situation Which Needs Improvement

Your suggestion may concern any phase of state government operations except those relating to your job responsibility.  

Step 2: Collect All the Facts

Think your idea through carefully. Make sure your facts and figures are correct. Your idea can be new or a new application of an old idea, but it must be an improvement over the old method. If you need more information, ask your supervisor or the coordinator of your department’s Employee Suggestion System Committee who can also help you organize and express your suggestion properly.  

Step 3:  Develop the Suggestion 

Outline your proposal step by step. For each suggestion include a statement of: 

  1. The present method or practice; 
  2. Your suggestion for improvement and how it can be accomplished;  
  3. The benefits of implementing your plan; summarize the benefits on the basis of savings in time, labor, forms, equipment, space, postage, etc., and in dollars, if possible. Include drawings if necessary.  

Step 4: Submit Your Suggestion

Use an official suggestion form. For an electronic suggestion form that may be copied, click here. Mail your suggestions to the Employee Suggestion System at the address above. Make sure your suggestion form is signed. If you wish, you may exercise your right to anonymity.