Employee Suggestion System | Instructions to the Employee (Suggestor)

  1. Before completing the Employee Suggestion Form, think about the problem as you see it.   
  2. Talk it over with others you trust and who have knowledge about the problem.   
  3. Write the problem clearly and precisely using your own words.  
  4. Make any drawings, charts or graphs OR working papers you feel may help.  
  5. Make sure your home phone and address are listed on the personal information page.   
  6. Address the suggestion to: 
    Office of Personnel Management 
    Employee Suggestion System
    Post Office Box 3278
    Little Rock, AR 72203  
  7. Place the suggestion in the U.S. MAIL ONLY! For delivery to the above office. 
  8. Your suggestion will be processed in thirty (30) days. As soon as the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) receives the results of the evaluation, you will be notified.   
  9. If a group of employees make a single suggestion, make sure each person completes and signs a personal information page.   
  10. If you have a second suggestion, send it separately from any others.   
  11. If there is not enough room to write your suggestion on a single form, use additional paper and attach to the original. Be sure to identify that it is the same suggestion.   
  12. If you have any questions concerning the completion of your suggestion, please call OPM at 501-682-1823.