Performance, Goals and Compensation (PGCS)

In order to accomplish the objectives of the Pay Plan study and support Act 365 of 2017, DFA-OPM has required adoption of a new performance management system. The performance evaluation system and tools will facilitate communication of organizational goals and objectives within state agencies and improve and reinforce employee accountability.

Title Posted
FY19 PE Standards and Instructions 03/04/2019
New Performance Evaluation Process and Standards 03/27/2018
FY18 PE Standards and Instructions 03/22/2018
Performance, Goals and Compensation System (PGCS) Policy 03/27/2018
Performance Pay 05/31/2018


Performance, Goals and Compensation System | Overview of system phases that includes selection of performance standards and performance ratings for an annual employee performance evaluation

Quick Demonstration (Brief interactive click-by-click tutorial)  

PGCS Evaluator – Complete a FY18 Performance Evaluation

PGCS Employee – View Finalized Evaluation

PGCS Reports for Evaluators


Printable Job Aids

Title Posted
Evaluator Rating and Finalization (PGCS) 03/26/18
Send Part Appraiser Form (PGCS) 03/26/18
Job Aid - Delete Measurement Rating (PGCS) 04/10/2018