Purchasing Directory

Title Posted
Agency Purchasing Agents 07/23/2018
Higher Education Purchasing Officials 07/27/2018
OSP Organizational Chart 08/02/2018

Procurement Staff Directory


Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Mary Kathryn Williams Lead Counsel Legal Representation for Arkansas OSP 501-683-0253
David Withrow Legal Counsel Legal Representation for Arkansas OSP 501-682-4145
Edward Armstrong Director Administrator of OSP and M&R 501-324-9316
Randy Wright Deputy Director Sole Source, Emergency, Office Operations 501-371-6067
Paul Ford Project Manager Project Management 501-682-3885
Rachel Barnes Administrative Analyst Director/Deputy Director's Office  501-324-9313

Commodities, Services & Printing

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Phyllis Richey Manager Printing and Other Commodities/Services 501-371-6058
Chris Reynolds Statewide Procurement Specialist Food, Industrial Supplies, Signs, Household Appliances, Kitchen Equipment, Commercial Laundry Equipment, Mobile Homes, Concrete, Sand, Gravel 501-683-6636
Melissa Griffith Administrative Support Service Bureau Support 501-683-2220
Amanda Nichols Statewide Procurement Specialist Office Supplies, Clothing, Uniforms & Laundry Service, Shoes & Boots, Pest Control Services, Lawn Care Equipment, Mattresses/Pillows, Testing Equipment (excluding Medical), Sport Athletic Supplies & Equipment 501-371-6054
John Leverett Statewide Procurement Specialist Automobile Batteries & Accessories, Buses, Vehicle Rental, Golf Carts, Garage Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Off Road Equipment, Tires, Vehicles, Emergency Water, Farm Equipment, Welding Equipment and Supplies 501-683-2222
Michelle Peek Administrative Support Service Bureau Support 501-371-6055
Janet Quattlebaum Statewide Procurement Specialist Print Buyer, Diplomas & Covers, Forms - Stock Computer (unprinted), Custom Continuous Forms, Custom Snap Out Forms, Printing: Catalogs, Class Schedules, Saddle stitched & Perfect Bound Books, Scanner Forms, Flat Forms (poster, cards, flyers), Four-Color Brochures, Mailers & Newsletters, Decals, Seedling Bags & Boxes, Security Transcripts, Library Binding/Rebinding, Bathroom Tissue/Paper Towels, Paper & Plastic Products, Envelopes, Custom Continuous Forms, Letterhead, Custom Index Tab Sets, Invitations & Announcements, Maps, Revenue Producing Tax Forms, Xerographic and Print Shop Paper, Property Tags/Inventory Tags/Tickets, Printing: Flat Forms (poster, cards, flyers), Four-Color Brochures, Mailers & Newsletters, Paint (Exterior & Interior) 501-324-9319
Julia Shackelford Statewide Procurement Specialist Lawn Care Service, License Plates, Nursery Services, Park & Playground Equipment, Security Guard Services, Training Equipment, Veterinary Supplies, Personal Care Products, Flying Services, Security Systems, Furniture, Custom Filing Systems 501-371-6079
Judy Shirley Statewide Procurement Specialist Compressed Lab Gas, Dental Equipment, Drug Testing Kits, Energy Management/Natural Gas, Eye Glasses, Incontinent Briefs, Infant Safety Seats, Janitorial Chemicals & Supplies, Janitorial Services, Lab Supplies & Equipment, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Medical Gloves, Medical Service, Pharmaceuticals, Paternity Testing, DNA Forensic Backlog, Automatic External Defibrillators, Breast Pumps, Emergency Response, Shredding, Transition Housing 501-324-9314
Tim Hicks Statewide Procurement Specialist Boats & Marine Equipment, Janitorial Services, Elevator Service & Maintenance, Fire/Alarm Equipment, Aircraft & Aircraft Repair, Mailing & Miscellaneous Office Equipment, Public Safety Communications Equipment, Storage Buildings, Ammunition, Police/Fire Equipment, Fencing, Building Materials, Plumbing & Related Supplies, Small Package Delivery 501-682-4112

Complex Procurements

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Elizabeth (Liz) Mentgen Manager Insurance, Employee Benefits, Banking Services, Legal Services, Complex Services 501-371-6060
Tamara DeBord Statewide Procurement Specialist Employee Benefits, Insurance, Consultant Services, Complex Services 501-371-6059
Angela Allman Statewide Procurement Specialist Employee Benefits, Insurance, Actuarial Services, Marketing and Advertising,Banking Services, Legal Services, Consultant Services, Complex Services  501-371-6156
Brandi Schroeder Statewide Procurement Specialist Insurance, Emergency Restoration Services, Marketing and Advertising, Consultant Services, Complex Services  501-682-4169
Heather Bailey Statewide Procurement Specialist  Insurance, Food Distribution Services, Process Server Services, Inmate Transport Services, Complex Services  501-324-9320

Credit Cards/PCS/TGS/VPR

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Darlene Hicks Manager Purchasing Card, Fuel Card, Travel Card, Compliance, Rebates, Professional Consultant Services (PCS); Technical & General Services (TGS); Vendor Performance Report (VPR), Cooperative Reporting 501-371-1405
Jennifer Rogers Fiscal Support Specialist Purchasing Card, Fuel Card, Travel Card 501-671-1468
Mikiea Richardson Accountant/Auditor Purchasing Card, Fuel Card, Travel Card 501-371-6053
Open Position Credit Card Coordinator/Instructor Purchasing Card, Fuel Card, Travel Card, Cooperative Reporting 501-683-2217
Denise Harris Statewide Procurement Specialist Professional Consultant Services (PCS) 501-682-0247
Skochu Fields Statewide Procurement Specialist Technical & General Services (TGS), Cooperative Reporting 501-683-0084
Anna Pennington Statewide Procurement Specialist Vendor Performance Reports (VPR) 501-371-6066

Information Technology

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Camber Thompson Manager IT Goods and Services  501-371-6057
Vacant Position Statewide Procurement Specialist IT Goods and Services  501-682-4140
Stephanie Cellers Statewide Procurement Specialist Communication equipment and services, software licensing and services, 501-371-6065
Shane Phillips Statewide Procurement Specialist Computers, software licensing and services, internet services, wireless  501-324-9322
Tim Smith Statewide Procurement Coordinator IT Goods and Services, Copiers, Video Conferencing Equipment 501-371-6070


Marketing & Redistribution

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Phillip Cole Manager State Surplus Property 501-565-8645


Support Services

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Jenni Overstreet Manager Vendor/Material Maintenance, Vendor Registration, Service Bureau Support, Special Projects, Liaison-(LDRPS) Living Disaster Recovery Planning 501-371-6063
Barbara Ausbrooks Administrative Support Vendor/Material Maintenance 501-371-6072
Peggy Charo Administrative Support Vendor/Material Maintenance, Liaison-(LDRPS) Living Disaster Recovery Planning, Inventory Control 501-371-6064
Conella Johnson Administrative Support Vendor/Material Maintenance, Vendor Registration 501-683-3585
Traci LaBeff Administrative Support Timekeeping and Vendor/Material Maintenance


Tara Hall

Administrative Support

Record Retention and Service Bureau Goods Receipts 501-371-6056
Christina Jones Receptionist

Office Information, Receptionist, and Bid Postings


Melissa Greene Receptionist

Office Information, Bid Postings, and Receptionist



Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Reba Thomas Manager Procurement Training 501-371-6076
Lee Costley Trainer Procurement Training 501-324-9318

Leann Floyd

Trainer Procurement Training 501-682-5270

Lindsay Hastings

Technical Writer