Purchasing Directory

Title Posted
Agency Purchasing Agents 11/05/2019
Higher Education Purchasing Officials 11/05/2019
OSP Organizational Chart 11/08/2019

Procurement Staff Directory


Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Edward Armstrong Director Administrator of OSP and M&R 501-324-9316
Camber Thompson Sr. Procurement Manager Procurement, Training, and Office Operations 501-371-6057
Paul Ford Service Operations Manager Support Services, PCard, PCS/TGS, VPR 501-682-3885
David Withrow Legal Counsel Legal Representation for Arkansas OSP 501-682-4145
Liz Mentgen Procurement Project Manager Procurement special projects 501-371-6060
Vacant position Legal Counsel Legal Representation for Arkansas OSP 501-683-0253
Vacant position Administrative Analyst Director’s Office  501-324-9313


General Procurements

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Angela Allman Statewide Procurement Coordinator Printing & Paper, Office Supplies, Clothing/Uniforms, Food & Food Service Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Concrete/Sand/Gravel, Pest Control Services, Audio/Visual Equipment & Services, Service Bureau Support 501-371-6156
Tamara DeBord Statewide Procurement Coordinator Insurance, Employee Benefits, Advertising, Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment & Services, Vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Furniture, Janitorial Services, Lawn Care Services, Playground Equipment, Security Services


Brandi Schroeder

Statewide Procurement Specialist

Insurance, Health Benefits, Marketing & Advertising, Consultant Services, Emergency Restoration Services, Office Supplies, and License Plates.


Heather Bailey 

Statewide Procurement Specialist

Insurance, Health Benefits, Banking Services, Legal Services, Consultant Services, Process Server Services, Inmate Transport Services, Clothing/Uniforms, Copiers


John Leverett Statewide Procurement Specialist Vehicles & Vehicle Supplies, Heavy Equipment, Welding Equipment & Supplies, Farm Equipment 501-683-2222
Jonathan Love Statewide Procurement Specialist Aircraft & Aircraft Repair Services, Boats & Marine Equipment, Elevator Service & Maintenance, Alarm Equipment, Mailing & Office Equipment, Plumbing Supplies, Police/Fire Equipment & Supplies, Building Materials, Public Safety Communications Equipment 501-683-6636

Judy Shirley

Statewide Procurement Specialist

Pharmaceuticals, Lab and Forensic Equipment & Supplies, Medical/Dental/Ophthalmological Equipment & Supplies, Nursing & Therapy Services, Emergency Response Services, Transitional Housing, Maternity/Child Safety Equipment & Supplies, Janitorial Services, Energy Management


Julia Shackelford


Statewide Procurement Specialist

Furniture, Courier Services, Crop Hauling Services, Data Entry Services, Flying Services, Lawn Care Services, Nursery/Harvesting Services & Supplies, Park & Playground Equipment, Security Services & Systems, Personal Care Products, Athletic Supplies & Equipment.


Miranda Tucci

Statewide Procurement Specialist

Office Supplies, License Plates, Clothing/Uniforms, Shoes & Boots, Laundry Equipment & Service, Mattresses & Pillows, Waste Disposal, Athletic Supplies & Equipment 


Wendy Gossett

Statewide Procurement Specialist

Food & Beverages, Commercial Food Service Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Mobile Homes, Concrete/Sand/ Gravel, Window Washing Services, Pest Control Services, Audio Visual, Waste Disposal.


Melissa Griffith Administrative Support Service Bureau Support 501-683-2220

Vacant Position

Statewide Procurement Specialist



Vacant position Statewide Procurement Specialist Printing; Paper; Envelopes; Forms: Stock, Continuous, Snap Out; College & University Printed Materials; Property Tags/Inventory Tags/Tickets; Catalogs; Book Binding; Maps; Bathroom Tissue/Paper Towels; Paper & Plastic Products, Uniforms, Shoes & Boots, Laundry Equipment & Service, and Mattresses & Pillows. 501-324-9319


Information Technology 

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Tanya Freeman Statewide Procurement Coordinator IT Goods and Services  501-682-4140
Shane Phillips Statewide Procurement Specialist Computers, software licensing and services, internet services, wireless  501-324-9322
Vacant position Statewide Procurement Specialist Communication equipment and services, software licensing and services 501-371-6065

Credit Cards/PCS/TGS/VPR

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Darlene Hicks Manager Purchasing Card, Fuel Card, Travel Card, Compliance, Rebates, Professional Consultant Services (PCS); Technical & General Services (TGS); Vendor Performance Report (VPR), Cooperative Reporting 501-371-1405
Anna Pennington Credit Card Coordinator/Instructor Purchasing Card, Fuel Card, Travel Card, Cooperative Reporting 501-683-2217
Denise Harris Statewide Procurement Specialist Professional Consultant Services (PCS) 501-682-0247
Karrie Duncan Statewide Procurement Specialist Technical & General Services (TGS), Cooperative Reporting 501-683-0084
Kimontie Taller Fiscal Support Specialist Purchasing Card, Fuel Card, Travel Card 501-371-6066
Michelle Peek Administrative Support Credit Cards, PCS, TGS, VPR 501-671-1468
Mikiea Richardson Accountant/Auditor Purchasing Card, Fuel Card, Travel Card 501-371-6053


Support Services        

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Jenni Overstreet Manager Vendor/Material Maintenance, Vendor Registration, Service Bureau Support, Special Projects, Liaison-(LDRPS) Living Disaster Recovery Planning 501-371-6063
Christina Jones Receptionist Office Information, Receptionist, and Bid Postings, Goods Receipts 501-324-9316
Melissa Greene Administrative Support Office Information, Bid Postings, ATA Postings, and Website Maintenance 501-371-6072
Michelle Regalado Administrative Support Record Retention and Service Bureau Goods Receipts 501-324-9317
Peggy Charo Administrative Support Vendor/Material Maintenance, Liaison-(LDRPS) Living Disaster Recovery Planning, Inventory Control 501-371-6064
Traci LaBeff Administrative Support Timekeeping and Vendor/Material Maintenance 501-371-6072
Stacy Wilkerson Receptionist Office Information, Bid Postings, and Receptionist 501-682-1875
Vacant Administrative Support Vendor/Material Maintenance 501-683-3585


Technical Projects and Documentation

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Reba Thomas Manager Technical Projects 501-371-6076
Lindsay Hastings

Technical Writer

Documentation 501-682-5434


Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Leann Floyd Trainer Procurement Training 501-682-5270
Lee Costley Trainer Procurement Training 501-324-9318


Marketing & Redistribution

Name Title Responsibilities Phone
Phillip Cole Manager State Surplus Property State Surplus Property