Medical Certification/SPE/Waiver and Exemptions

Federal regulations require that every CLP or CDL holder must certify to the type of commercial driving they currently perform (or expect to perform). Driver’s must recertify their driving type with every license transaction.

You must determine whether you operate in interstate or intrastate commerce, and are excepted or non-excepted from either the Federal or State requirements. You must certify that you fall into one of the four operation categories listed below:

Medical Certification

To maintain a medical certification status of “Certified,” a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) or Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holder, who engages in Non-excepted Interstate or Non-excepted Intrastate commerce, must continue to be medically examined and certified in accordance with 49 CFR 383, 384, 390, 391; as well as Arkansas Code Annotated § 27-23-129.

  • Failure to submit a new medical card by expiration will result in a “Not Certified” status placed on your commercial license or permit.
  • Failure to submit a new medical card within 60 days after expiration will result in the downgrade of your CDL license or permit and you will be prohibited from operating a commercial vehicle.
  • If your commercial license is downgraded or voluntarily surrendered for one (1) year or more, you will be required to retake all phases of the CDL exam.

Submit a new medical card or change your self-certification type in one of the following ways:                        

SPE/Waiver and Exemptions

The Skill Performance Evaluation program is for CMV drivers who drive in interstate commerce. The SPE certification allows drivers with missing or impaired limbs to drive CMVs across state lines if they have been fitted with (and are wearing) the right prosthetic device, and the driver can demonstrate the ability to drive the truck safely by completing on-and off-road activities. If the driver passes the driving test, he or she will receive a SPE certificate. Over the years, FMCSA has granted more than 3,000 SPE certificates to truck drivers who have shown that they can drive safely on the nation's highways. 

An individual may apply for an exemption from the diabetes, hearing, seizure and vision standard, section 391.41(b)(3) and 391.41(b)(11), 391.41(b)(8) or 391(b)(10) of the regulation, by utilizing exemption programs.

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