Driver Records

Arkansas driving records are governed by Arkansas code section 27-50-901 et. Seq. The statutes are more restricted in the release of information than the Federal Privacy Protection Act. Any records related to your drivers' license have been and continue to be confidential. They can only be released under certain exceptions, including when a release is given to you by others. The release must be signed and dated and must include your name, drivers' license number, date of birth and the name of the persons to whom the information is to be released. This release will remain in effect for 5 years, unless a written withdrawal is filed. 

You may obtain a copy of your record in the following ways:

  • Order online
  • Pick up a record at any Arkansas Revenue Office
  • Pick up a record at the Little Rock Driving Records Office located at Room 1130, Charles D. Ragland Building, 1900 West 7th Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201. 
  • Mail request and payment to: Driving Records, Room 1130, Post Office Box 1272, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203. 

The charge for obtaining a copy of your driver’s license record is:

  • Online payment is $10.00 for an insurance record, which covers a three (3) year period, or $13.00 for an employment or commercial driver record, which may contain information for longer than the three year period. 
  • Records picked up or mailed will be $7.00 for the insurance record or $10.00 for the employment or commercial driver’s record. 

If you need more information about Driver Records, please call 501-682-7207.

Click here to sign up for a subscription account with the Information Network of Arkansas to access driver records.


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