DFA HR Forms


Title Posted
ADA Employee Request Form 06/20/2019
ADA Medical Questionnaire 06/20/2019

Criminal Background Check

Title Posted
Criminal Background Check Consent 09/15/2021


Title Posted
Notice of Disciplinary Action 11/09/2020
Disciplinary Measures 10/16/2018

Ethics and Fraud

Title Posted
Code of Ethics Attachment A 10/16/2018
Code of Ethics and Anti-Fraud Policy 10/16/2018
Code of Ethics Attachment B - Annual Acknowledgement 10/16/2018
Code of Ethics Attachment C - Complaint 10/16/2018


Title Posted
Employee Rights and Responsibilities Poster 11/02/2020
Leave Request 11/02/2020
Healthcare Provider for Employee Serious Health Condition 11/02/2020
Healthcare Provider for Family Member Serious Health Condition 11/02/2020
Notice of Eligibility and Rights and Responsibilities 11/02/2020
Designation Notice 11/02/2020
Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave 11/02/2020
Serious Injury or Illness of a Current Servicemember - for Military Family Leave 11/02/2020
Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran for Military Caregiver Leave 11/02/2020


Title Posted
Dispute Resolution Form 10/16/2018


Title Posted
Employee Handbook 10/16/2018
Supervisory Leave 10/16/2018


Title Posted
COVID 19 Leave Request 07/08/2021
Display Absence Quota Instructions 10/16/2018
Address Change 06/14/2021
Bank Details - Direct Deposit 10/16/2018
Direct Deposit Hardship Exemption Request 10/16/2018
Leave Balance Quota Correction 10/16/2018
Leave Balances for Transferring Employees 02/15/2019
Leave Payout Authorization 10/16/2018
Quota Overview Instructions 10/16/2018
Sick Leave Incentive Program Notice 10/16/2018
Supervisory Leave 10/16/2018
Request to Stop Miscellaneous Deductions 10/16/2018


Title Posted
Employee Disclosure/Certification and Employment of Family Members Forms 01/20/2021
Emergency Hire Request 10/16/2018
Employee Master Data 08/09/2019
Financial Obligation Policy Receipt 07/22/2019
Hiring Freeze Exception Request 07/22/2019
I9 - Employment Eligibility and Verification 01/08/2021
I9 - Employment Eligibility and Verification Instructions 01/08/2021
Internal Advertising Approval Request 10/16/2018
JVR 12/03/2020
Mandatory Direct Depost Notification 10/16/2018
New Hire Document Checklist 01/20/2021
Position Crossgrade Downgrade 07/18/2019
Proof of Prior Service 10/16/2018
State Employee ID Voucher 10/16/2018

Special Entry Rates

Title Posted
Exceptionally Well Qualified - Special Entry Rate 10/16/2018
Movement of Current Employees to Approved Special Entry Rates 10/16/2018
New Labor Market Rates 10/16/2018
Special Entry Rate Applicant Summary Sheet - Applicant Not Hired Instructions 10/16/2018
Labor Market Conditions 10/16/2018
Special Entry Rate Applicant Summary Sheet - Applicant Not Hired 10/16/2018


Title Posted
Change In Employment Status 04/20/2021
Separation Memo 09/11/2020


Title Posted
TR-1 10/16/2018
Travel Authorization 10/16/2018

Vehicle Safety

Title Posted
VSP-1 10/14/2021
VSP-2 06/07/2019

Workers Comp

Title Posted
Workers’ Compensation Incident Report 10/16/2018
Company Nurse Poster 10/16/2018
Workers’ Compensation Procedures 10/16/2018