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Why has my electronic tax return been rejected by the State of Arkansas? 
Sometimes when a state tax return is transmitted electronically, it is rejected by the State of Arkansas. Usually this happens when certain situations occur.

One situation is that the tax return does not meet the Arkansas qualifications for filing electronically. The other is that a schedule(s) or other supporting tax information was not transmitted with the tax return.

Taxpayers/Tax Preparers find out about a reject when they pick up the acknowlegement (ACK) file that the State of Arkansas sends out after receiving the tax return from the IRS. This file will contain information concerning the status of the tax return. If a tax return has been rejected, this ACK will have a reject code telling the tax preparation software the specifics as to why the return was rejected.

What do I do if my Electronic State Tax Return has been Rejected?

Individuals Using an Internet-Based Software Product:
If you received the IIT-0009 reject message from the State of Arkansas, you cannot use the On-Line method to electronically file your current year return.  The tax return can be electronically filed through a preparer OR you must mail the return.  If you choose to mail the return, print your tax return and mail it to the State of Arkansas.  Be sure to attach all original W-2 and/or 1099 forms and support schedules.  The Tax return must also be signed by the taxpayer(s).  The address to mail your return to is shown below.  Once a filing history has been established with the State of Arkansas, you can use the “On-Line” method to file future year returns.

If you received a reject message with any other reject code, depending on the software you are using, you may be able to resubmit your tax return electronically.  Before resubmitting, you must first correct the tax return as stated in the reject message.

Tax Preparers:
If the state submission was previously rejected by Arkansas, the state submission must be resubmitted as “Linked”.   Before resubmitting, you must first correct the tax return as stated in the reject message.

If you chose to mail your Arkansas return, then you will need to print the Arkansas return and mail to the address below:

Arkansas Income Tax
P. O. Box 8094
Little Rock, AR  72203-8094

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Tax Year 2018 Reject Codes 12/20/2018
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