Withholding Tax Forms and Instructions

Combined Business Tax Forms

Title Posted
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AR-20/40 | Close or Update Account(s) 06/21/2022

Texarkana Employers/Employees

Title Posted
AR-3Q-TEX Annual Reconciliation of Texarkana Employee’s Exempt Wages 02/15/2023
AR4EC-TX Texarkana Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate 04/15/2014
Texarkana Withholding Exemption Instructions 11/18/2009


Title Posted
AR1099PT Report of Income Tax Withheld or Paid on Behalf of Nonresident Member 03/18/2024
AR4EC Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate 11/17/2022
AR4ECSP Employee's Special Withholding Exemption Certificate 11/17/2022
AR4EXT Application for Automatic Extension of Time 01/13/2020
AR4MEC Military Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate 12/18/2013
AR4P Employee's Withholding Certificate for Pensions and Annuity Payments 11/17/2022
AR4PT Nonresident Member Withholding Exemption Affidavit 02/01/2011
AR4PT Nonresident Member Withholding Exemption Affidavit Instructions 02/01/2011
AR4PT Transmittal of Nonresident Member Withholding Exemption Affidavit 02/01/2011
ARW-3 Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements 10/21/2021
ARW-4MS Tax Exemption Certificate for Military Spouse 02/08/2011
Magnetic Media Specifications for W-2s & 1099s 12/18/2023
Withholding Tax Formula  (Effective 01/01/2024) 11/02/2023
Withholding Tax Instructions for Employers (Effective 01/01/2024) 01/22/2024
Withholding Tax Tables for Employers (Effective 01/01/2024) 11/02/2023
Withholding Tax Tables for Low Income (Effective 01/01/2024) 11/02/2023