Residential Substance Abuse Treatment For State Prisoners (RSAT) Program

Program Description
The RSAT Program assists states and local governments in developing and implementing substance abuse treatment programs in state and local correctional and detention facilities and in creating and maintaining community-based aftercare services for offenders.

The goal of the RSAT Program is to break the cycle of drugs and violence by reducing the demand for, the use of and the trafficking of illegal drugs.

Three types of programs may be implemented from RSAT funds.  They are residential, jail based, and aftercare services.

Residential applicants must have the capability of housing program participants in facilities that are segregated from the general population.  Treatment must be provided for at least six months and no longer than twelve months.  For local applicants, the treatment must be at least three months, and segregation of the prisoners is desired, but not required, in order to be a recipient of the funding.

Source of Funding
United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance

Eligible Program Participants
Residential and jail based participants are state and local agencies that operate and maintain correctional facilities.  These agencies must be responsible for offenders who have a documented substance abuse problem, and they must have the capability of housing the offenders for a period of time sufficient to complete the treatment program.


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