Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP)

Program Title 
Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP)

Program Description
The purpose of SASP is to provide intervention, advocacy, accompaniment, support services and related assistance for adult, youth, and child victims of sexual assault, family and household members of victims, and those collaterally affected by the sexual assault.

Source of Funding
The Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP) was created by the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 (VAWA 2005), 42 U.S.C. 14043g, and is the first federal funding stream dedicated solely to the provision of direct intervention and related assistance for victims of sexual assault.

Eligible Program Participants
SASP Formula grants shall be used by States and Territories to provide grants to rape crisis centers and other non-profit, nongovernmental organizations, including Tribal non-profit organizations, for programs and activities that provide direct intervention and related assistance. 
Intervention and related assistance may include:

  • 24-hour hotline services providing crisis intervention services and referral;
  • Accompaniment and advocacy through medical, criminal justice, and social support systems, including medical facilities, police, and court proceedings;
  • Crisis intervention, short-term individual and group support services, and comprehensive service coordination and supervision to assist sexual assault victim and non-offending family or household members;
  • Community-based, linguistically and culturally specific services and support mechanisms, including outreach activities for underserved communities. As defined in the Violence Against Women Act, 42U.S.C & 13925 (17), “linguistically and culturally specific services” means “community-based services that offer full linguistic access and culturally specific services and resources, including outreach, collaboration, and support mechanisms primarily directed toward underserved communities.”;
  • The development and distribution of materials related to the services described in the previous bullets.

Method of Notification
Notice of federal funding availability through the Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP)
is announced through the formal publication of a state application kit. This kit contains the forms and instructions needed to fully complete an application, as well as the regulations and guidelines that each applicant will be required to adhere to should it be awarded a subgrant.

Program Funding Period 
October 1 through September 30

Request for Proposal