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DFA announces filing details

  • Posted Date: 01/18/2023
  • Office: All DFA
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    January 18, 2023


                                                                                              DFA announces 2023 filing details and resources

    The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) is now accepting paper returns for tax year 2022.  E-filed returns will be accepted by DFA on the same date as the IRS, January 23, 2023.  Taxpayers may be eligible to file returns under the Free File Alliance.  Visit our website:  https://www.dfa.arkansas.gov/income-tax/arkansas-efile/freefile-program-for-individual-income-tax/ for vendors and their requirements.

    Please allow six to eight weeks for the processing of your paper returns.  When e-filed returns are accepted, please allow two to four weeks for processing.  Please be sure to file your return or extension and pay any amount due by April 18, 2023, to avoid failure to file and failure to pay penalties.  Forms and instructions are available on our website: https://www.dfa.arkansas.gov/income-tax/individual-income-tax/forms/.

    Paper checks may take longer to reach you than direct deposits.  You can check the status of your refund and make payments 24 hours a day on our ATAP website at www.atap.arkansas.gov.  If the site states your refund cannot be located, it may mean your return has not completed processing.  You may call and talk to our Service Representatives at 501-682-1100 from 8:00AM – 4:30PM, Monday through Friday, except on holidays.