Non-State Employees

Volunteers, Non-State Employees and Official Guests
A non-State employee or an official guest of the State, whose activities or services benefit the State, may be allowed reimbursement for actual expenses for meals, lodging, transportation and incidental expenses when submitted on a TR-1.  (Click Forms on the menu.)  Travel reimbursement for these individuals may be approved with a written explanation of the activities by the administrative head or designee of the agency. It is the responsibility of the travel administrator to ensure these individuals are not being reimbursed from any other source for their travel expenses. Federal employees who travel for the State agency shall be regarded as a State employee and shall be reimbursed as such. The TR-1 form should show that this employee is on the payroll of the Federal Government and assigned to this agency.

Every agency/institution that utilizes the services of volunteer workers who perform duties similar to State employees is authorized to provide reimbursement for meals, lodging and travel subject to the same rules and regulations governing State employees. Volunteers may utilize agency vehicles in the performance of their duties subject to those rules and regulations governing the use of State vehicles by paid staff.

An agency director may be reimbursed for his/her expenses for the purchase of meals for official guests. The expense(s) must be claimed as an incidental expense, and a letter of explanation must be attached to the TR-1 in the files stating how the person for whom the expenditure was made benefited the agency in his/her visit.

Expenses of Students
In accordance with ACA 19-4-904 (d) State supported institutions of higher education may provide travel expenses for a group or number of students who, when accompanied by those who instruct the students in the fundamentals of a competitive sport and direct team strategy, must travel and be recognized as a cohesive unit representing not only their institution but exemplifying the State of Arkansas in their behavior, attitudes, interests, presentation and conduct. In these circumstances the payment of group travel expenses, including those of students and employees, may be authorized as follows:

Meals and lodging, transportation, entertainment within reasonable limits to ease the pressure on students of their objectives, costs of group activities including gratuities, laundry, cleaning and favors and other personal expenses to be paid from auxiliary funds not inconsistent with standards, rules, regulations or prohibitions established by recognized national or State governing associations pertaining to the respective students and employees and the institutions they are representing.

Wards of the State
Expenses incurred by employees in connection with the transportation of residents or inmates of State institutions or for the apprehension and return of escaped prisoners, parole violators or other wards of the State will be regulated by the circumstances, and necessary actual expenses will be allowed. The employee will claim these expenses on their Statement of Travel Expenses.