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Additions to Transaction ZVACANT

Posted Date: 10/31/2019

Two new selection fields, Organizational Unit and Include Sub-Org Units, have been added to the ZVACANT- ZPAOSR0002 Vacant Position Outbound File / Online Report selection options.

The Include Sub-Org Unit field is a default selection that is designed to produce report output only when Organizational Unit information is entered. This default selection does not affect the report output when there are no Organizational Unit selections.

Adding an Organizational Unit(s) as a selection and keeping the default selection for Include Sub-Org Units produces a list of all vacant positions for the specified Organizational Unit(s) and all of its Sub-Organizational Units.

The report can also be run for Organizational Units without the Include Sub-Org Units default selection (uncheck the selection). This option only displays vacant positions for the specified Organizational Unit.

The output of the report also has two new fields, Organizational Unit and Position Start Date.