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New Time Report Now Available

Posted Date: 04/03/2020

The new report Compare Scheduled Hours to Evaluated Time (Transaction Code: ZHR_VALIDATEPAIDHRS) helps agencies identify employees who do not have evaluated time entries for a specified pay period. Time entries must be evaluated to ensure employees receive correct payroll amounts.

How the Report Works

ZHR_VALIDATEPAIDHRS reports the scheduled work hours for all active employees, along with the hours that have been entered, approved, posted, and evaluated.

For example, if the scheduled work hours in a pay period for an employee is 80, then 80 hours appears in the Scheduled Hours report output field.

If zero hours have been evaluated for the employee, a zero displays in the Evaluated Hours report output field. This alerts the agency that either no hours have been keyed for the employee or the time processes haven’t been completed.

The Pay Period report selection defaults to the current pay period and can be changed. All other selections are optional.