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New Transaction: Sick Leave Incentive Report

Posted Date: 02/07/2020

The new transaction ZSICKPAYOUT_RPT – Retiree Sick Leave Incentive Report automates the process for determining an employee’s eligibility to receive a sick leave payout.

Instead of manually calculating an employee’s eligibility, human resources personnel can use this report to complete the calculations for them. These calculations are based on the Sick Leave Retirement Incentive Calculation Worksheet formulas.

In addition to determining eligibility, the report also provides the total payout amount based on the calculation of the reduced daily rate and the number of hours to compensate.

The new report features have created a significant change when creating the Sick Leave Quota Compensation (Infotype 0416) record.

When human resource personnel save the 0416 record, a system message prompts them to verify they have used the Sick Leave Incentive Report to determine the record entries (see job aid).

Prior to Using the Report

  • Confirm all eligible quotas have been transferred to the employee’s bank for payout.
  • Perform a Time Evaluation on all quotas.

Job Aids

For additional information on using the new report, please refer to the job aid Sick Leave Incentive Report.

For additional information on creating the Sick Leave Quota Compensation record, please refer to the job aid Create Sick Leave Quota Compensation Record.