The Office of Child Support Enforcement depends on employers as partners in ensuring that court-ordered child support is withheld and forwarded to families as quickly as possible. As an employer, you play a crucial role in this process and we recognize the significance of your responsibilities. 

To assist you with your company's role in this partnership, the OCSE MyWorkers website provides the ability to manage income withholding notices, make payments, verify employment, maintain employee information, and maintain your company information. MyWorkers contains security measures that enable you to safely and securely provide the most up-to-date information on your employees. 

If you need assistance, our Employer Relations Section is available to help you during regular business hours. Contact information is at the bottom of this page. 

Employer New Hire Reporting
State and federal law requires employers to report new hire information. The New Hire Reporting program is housed within the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services and is a program that receives and processes data regarding new employees. For information and help regarding when, how, and where to report new hires, visit the Arkansas New Hire Reporting Center

State agencies will use this information to discover and stop unemployment insurance fraud, worker's compensation fraud, and other types of public assistance fraud. OCSE also uses new hire reports to locate sources of income for noncustodial parents who owe child support in Arkansas.

Employers are the critical link both in locating noncustodial parents and in withholding income from their paychecks. No other child support collection method is as successful as income withholding. Not only does this law help the children, it also helps taxpayers because families that receive child support are less likely to require public assistance. More importantly, employers help children get the support they deserve. 


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