Direct Payments

Noncustodial Parents

If you are ordered to pay child support through the Clearinghouse, then you should do that. If you pay the custodial party directly, you are violating the terms of the court order, and the courts may consider the money you pay to be a gift, meaning you could still owe that money. 

Custodial Parties

Payment processing cases – In these cases, we only have the authority to receive, record, and disburse payments. If a payment is made directly to the custodial party, we have no authority to do anything about it.

Enforcement cases – When you apply or are referred by DHS for our services, you agree to report to us any payments that are paid directly to you. If you do not do that, then we have the right to close the enforcement case. If that happens, we will no longer take any action to enforce the court order. If you receive public assistance, you could also lose your TEA or Medicaid services.