Graduated Licenses

Arkansas has a graduated driver licensing (GDL) law to teach teens to drive by gradually increase their driving privileges. The GDL programs limits nighttime driving, restricts cell phone use and limits the number of passengers allowed for teen drivers.

There are two prevailing reasons teenage drivers are at increased risk of being involved in motor vehicle-related crashes that result in injury or death.

  1. Lack of driving experience. Lack of experience means the teenage driver is less able to detect and respond to traffic hazards, causing the driver to have less control of the vehicle.
  2. Risk behavior of teenagers. Teenagers tend to take more risks as they are influenced by their emotions, stress and peer pressure. In addition, experimenting with alcohol and drugs can impair the teenager’s driving ability.  

While learning to drive is a big step toward becoming an adult, keep in mind that teens are not yet adults.

Arkansas statute §27-16-702:

Before an Arkansas driver's license can be issued to any applicant under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must assume financial responsibility. Any negligence or willful misconduct of the minor when driving a motor vehicle upon a highway shall be imputed to the person who signed the application of the minor for a permit or license.

Whether you’re a teenage driver or a parent, take the time to learn more about teenage driving safety and driving tips at