The assessment is levied to promote the growth and development of the rice industry in Arkansas by research, extension, promotion, and market development. The assessment is reported/paid by the purchaser. Monthly reporting forms are mailed out by the Miscellaneous Tax Section and are required to be completed/filed by the 15th day of each month following the report month.

The assessment rate is $0.027 per bushel on rice grown within Arkansas. The $0.027 per bushel assessment is levied at the rate of $0.0135 per bushel to be paid by the buyer at the first point of sale and $0.0135 to be paid by the producer on all rice grown within this state. The buyer is responsible for reporting/paying the rice assessment based on the first point of sale or at the point rice enters into the US Department of Agriculture loan program.

Applicable Statutes
AR Code Ann. §2-20-501 et seq.