Waste Tire

A Rim Removal fee is charged upon the removal of a tire from a rim that is related to the sale of a replacement tire by a tire retailer. The fee is $3.00 if the replacement tire is new and $1.00 if the replacement tire is used.
The fee shall apply to:

  • Small Tire – a motor vehicle tire with a load rating of “F” or lower.

               o Automobile tire
               o Motorcycle
               o All-terrain vehicle

  • Large Tire – a motor vehicle tire with a load rating of “F” or higher and a rim size greater of 20”

              o Truck tire

  • Extra-Large Tire: means a tire that due to its size or construction is more difficult to process for recycling or disposal than a large tire and costs substantially more to process than a large tire.

            o Skid steer loader
            o Excavation equipment
            o Farm implement, including without limitations a
                    - Tractor
                    - Backhoe
                    - Road grader
                    - Industrial equipment
                    - Skidder
                    - Heavy duty truck used off road for mining

  • Import Tire - A tire that is imported into Arkansas.
  • Commercial Generator - A person who sells new tires or provides delivery of new tires as part of a fleet service to any of the following:

               o A Municipality
               o County
               o State Agency
               o Federal Agency
               o School District
               o Political subdivision of the State
               o Person who in the ordinary course of business buys tires in bulk for the use of commercial vehicles.

  • Waste Tire – a tire that is no longer repairable or retreadable or no longer suitable for its original intended purpose because of wear, damage, or defect.

The tax rate shall apply as follows:

  • Rim Removal Fee

               o New Tire Replacement - $3.00 per tire*
               o Used Tire Replacement - $1.00 per tire*

  • Imported Waste Tire - $1.00 per tire*
  • Commercial Generator $3.00 per tire*

      *The tire retailer shall retain a five percent (5%) fee to cover administrative costs.

The following types of tires are not subject to the Rim Removal Fee:

  • Bicycle Tires
  • Forklift Tires
  • Golf Cart Tires
  • Lawnmower Tires

            * Commercial Generator sales to a Federal Agency are NOT exempt from this law*

Applicable statutes: Arkansas Code Ann. §8-9-401 et. seq.


Title Posted
Waste Tire Districts 04/16/2024


Title Posted
Waste Tire Count by Type 07/2006 to Current 07/03/2017
Waste Tire Count by Type FYE 2018 03/10/2021
Waste Tire Count by Type FYE 2019 03/10/2021
Waste Tire Count by Type FYE 2020 03/10/2021
Waste Tire Count by Type FYE 2021 07/09/2021
Waste Tire Count by Type FYE 2022 07/01/2022
Waste Tire Count by Type FYE 2023 07/06/2023
Waste Tire Count by Type FYE 2024 05/01/2024
Waste Tire Count FY18 (Rim Removal Fee) 07/03/2018
Waste Tire Revenue 07/2006 to Current 05/01/2024


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