Motor Fuel Tax Forms

The following forms are provided as a service of the Office of Excise Tax Motor Fuel Section.

Use the forms from this page to maintain the latest, most accurate document version.  Forms that are not the most current version may be returned to your office or unit. 

Online Reporting and Applications

Reporting Firm Authorization / Power of Attorney

OnLine Dyed Diesel Tax Reporting Form

OnLine Quarterly IFTA Tax Reporting Form

IFTA Quarterly Tax Rate Matrices

Combined Business Tax Forms

Title Posted
AR-1R | Combined Business Tax Registration 07/24/2015
AR-1R | Combined Business Tax Registration Instructions 07/24/2015
AR-20 | Sale or Closure of Business 07/24/2015
AR-40 | Combined Registration Change Form 01/19/2016

Dyed Diesel

Title Posted
Dyed Diesel Tax Form & Instructions AMFT 05/23/2012


Title Posted
EDI Implementation and Program Guide 06/22/2021
EFT Authorization Agreement MF-EfT1 and Instructions 06/22/2021


Title Posted
XML Upload Instructions                         06/22/2021
Motor Fuel XML Developer Guide                                                                    06/22/2021
Motor Fuel XML Schema 06/22/2021


Title Posted
Arkansas IFTA Application AMFT-71 09/18/2009
ArkansasI FTA Application AMFT-71 Instructions 09/18/2009
Arkansas IFTA Quarterly Form and Instructions 07/01/2013
IFTA Interest Rates 01/07/2021


Title Posted
LPG Flat Fee Application 05/23/2012
LPG Flat Fee Rates 06/17/2021

Tax Forms

Title Posted
Alternative Fuels Vehicle Conversion Notification 04/20/2015
Biodiesel Individual Use AMFT (Bio-Use) and Instructions 04/20/2015
Distillate First Receiver AMFT-13 (F) and Instructions 10/11/2019
Distillate Importer AMFT-13(I) and Instructions 10/11/2019
Ethanol Individual Use (Eth-Use) 04/20/2015
Gasoline First Reciever AMFT-22 (F) and Instructions 09/30/2021
Gasoline Importer AMFT-22(I) and Instructions 09/30/2021
Licensed LPG Supplier AMFT-4 and Instructions 05/23/2012
Oil-Fuel Blend Individual Use (Oil-Use) 04/20/2015
Petroleum Environmental Fee Report AMFT-56 (A) and Instructions 05/23/2012
Tax Report of Loss Form M 09/18/2009
Tax Schedule of Disbursements Form D 09/18/2009
Tax Schedule of Receipts Form R 09/18/2009

Tax Laws

Title Posted
Motor Fuel Tax Law 09/18/2009
Petroleum Environmental Fee Tax Law 09/18/2009
Special Motor Fuel Tax Law 09/18/2009

Tax Rates

Title Posted
Motor Fuel Tax Rates 10/08/2019